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Unfortunately, due to failing prelims and stuff just piling on me, I feel I'm gonna have to quit the internet. It's kinda hard since the laptop is in my room. So I'm putting it away, and only using it for school shit.

So as of tommorrow, I am away. I'll be revising and shit like that. I'll be back in the easter holidays, but not much. That is the 31st of March until the 14th of April. Then it goes away until after my exams, which is on the 1st of June! It sucks I can't make anymore icons or watch anything. Or get music and the likes. I don't know what I'm gonna do about that. Seriously.

Anyway, until Easter. Ta Ta Dolls
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Ok, I have changed my layout three times since my last post. It's very sad. But I like this one the best. I loved the first header but it was too bright for this. Not that my journal is all moody and depressing but it hurt my eyes. I'm like a vmapire or something. It's pathetic.

New playlist, as I remembered I did it before.

-"20 Good Reasons" - Thirsty Merc (still can't get a good version of the song!)
-"Disease" -Matchbox Twenty
-"Downfall" ''        ''
-"Let your Troubles Roll by" - Carbon Leaf
-"Ordinary" - Train
-"Stranded" - Van Morrison
-"Girlfriend" - Avril Lavigne (I'm ashamed enough for myself)
-"Vienna" - The Fray
-"She is" - ''
-"Heaven Forbid" - ''
-"Better than me" - Hinder
-"On Fire" - Switchfoot
-"Amy's Song" - Switchfoot

Should have some icons coming soon. Should anyway.
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Current Music: "Let your troubles roll by" - Carbon Leaf

- 18 Greys Anatomy "Some Kind of Miracle"
- 12 Greys Anatomy Misc
- 24 "How to save a Life" - The Fray Music Video
- 8 LOST
- 6 NCIS

here @ 21blindspot

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24 February 2007 @ 05:08 pm
YouTube is God!

Ok, slightly overreacting, but I just watched Greys Anatomy 317 "Some kind of Miracle"

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18 February 2007 @ 02:11 pm
Left my work yesterday! Thank God! I hated that place. I have to go back on the 10th of March though. It's Nikki's birthday, and I can't go to the party (long story) so I'll bring her present in then. It's so cute! I got it from the disney shopl, which is too damn expensive. It's a large Eeyore Mug. I kinda want it for myself, but I will resist the urge.

I love LastFM. It's awesome. So many good things. I found good bands. I'm Snickered if anyone wants to add me. Also, Poe? It's fucking awesome band. Yeah! I recommend Wild and Walk the Walk

I did two hours History studying today. I left my job to be able to do that. I kinda....completely failed my prelim exams so I am gonna have to work hard. But I don't think I'll do law anymore. I think I will end up doing History, and going into the bank under graduate program. That sounds like a weird mix, but apartently you just need a degree, not a business one to get into it. Plus, still don't know which University I want to go to, although I think I have my heart set on Dundee. I'll have to go look for History there.

But first, I'm gonna make some icons
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17 February 2007 @ 10:37 pm
24 "Not in Portland" icons. I know I'm kinda late with these but still.

Here @ 21blindspot  
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13 February 2007 @ 09:42 pm
Some Tru Calling icons at this multi-fandom post @ 21blindspot  


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09 February 2007 @ 06:55 pm
I can't speak. Seriously! Ok, I can physically speak, but I'm missing words out (not on purpose) and I have a high voice. I've got the cold, and it makes me sound feminine! It's just not right. I have a manly voice and I like it.

Gone all over town today handing my CV in. And when I came back I printed out three more, which I'm handing in while I'm out doing the runs for tomorrow. Ha! I hope I get fired because of it.

Tonight I'm going to the gym. Of all places to go, I'm going to the gym. I hate it. It seems like such a waste. You do all this exercise....and you don't win! You can't win at it. You can "Top your personal best". Wtf? Like I have a personal best. Like I care what it is! Sport should always have an aim. And the aim is too win. Thats what I play sports for. Because I'm so damn competitive I would eat my own foot it were a competition.

Now onto what I was really saying about the gym, on a Friday night, I'm going. Ok, normally I go to badminton (to win games!) but still. The gym! Oh well, I'll charge my ipod and refuse to speak so no one can hear my feminine voice. 

Oh, and on a rather happy note, I fixed my iPod! XD
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08 February 2007 @ 06:00 pm
Look Look! I'm totally pimping my icon journal

I made a tutorial for a banner here at 21blindspot
Exams over. I totally failed them all! Woo Hoo.

Watching Lost season 2. Locke was cool when he was mysterious and had an awesome story. It's kinda funny but I'm getting a little bored. Also gone down a belt size. Score!

Should be doign an icon post soon. If anyone cares. I need peoople to actually friend 21blindspot. Seriously.

Was at Lisa's on Tuesday. Sober 80's Kareoke. Was hilarious. Also watched RENT. It's a freaking long musical. I couldnt' wait until it was over. When I came home I downloaded the whole soundtrack. It's awesome!

Still waiting for the second season of the OC from Saz.