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Come on baby, come on come on darling. Let's exchange the experience

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The Girl
My name is Jennifer, which is usually shortened to Jagz, Jen, Jennie and Jiffer. I‘ve not got a lot of friends on LJ, but it‘s cool. I‘m 16 and in my second last year at school. I love making graphics, especially icons, as you‘ll see if you check out this journal further than the profile. I mainly use my LJ for posting icons and what not. All my userpics are made by myself and if you want to use an icon of mine just stat it in a comment and credit is required.

My website is Gunshot-Glitter which contains all my art. However, it‘s kinda still in the making so don‘t expect much.

The Music
Evanescence//My Chemical Romance//Nightwish//Within Temptation//Goo Goo Dolls//Matchbox Twenty//The Used//Thirteen Senses//The Killers//Bowling for Soup//Brand New//Legion of Doom//Switchfoot//Yellowcard//Placebo//Panic! At the Disco//Frou Frou//Nickelback//The Fray//Funeral for a Friend//Snow Patrol//Michelle Branch//Paramore//Three Days Grace//John Mayer//Hinder//KT Tunstall//The Noisettes//Maroon 5//The Veronicas//Tegan & Sara//Aly & AJ//Superchick//
The Shows
Navy NCIS - Tony/Abby.Tony/Kate.

Buffy - Buffy/Angel.Faith/Spike.Willow/Tara.Willow/Oz.Xander/Anya

Angel - Fred/Wesley.Darla/Angel.Angel/Cordelia.Doyle/CordeliaGunn/Gwen

Tru Calling - Tru/Jack.Tru/Luc

Grey‘s Anatomy - Ava/Alex.Alex/Izzie.Cristina/Burke.George/Callie

LOST - Jack/Kate.Hurley/Libby.AnaLucia/MrEko.Shannon/Boone

CSI - Grissom/Catherine

CSI:NY - Danny/Aiden

Without a Trace - Sam/Martin

Firefly - Zoe/Walsh

The 4400 - Tom/Diana.Lily/Richard

Scrubs - Carla/Turk.Jordan/DrCox
The Other Favourites
Short History of Tracters in ukrainian/Five people you meet in Heaven/One More Day/Almost Famous/Constantine/The Island/Resident Evil/Mitch Albom/Kelley Armstrong/RENT/We Will Rock You/
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