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03 April 2007 @ 11:49 pm
Don't forsake me....I'll let you make me  
Just back for a week or two.

Stratford was awesome, although on the last day I fell down. On stupid gravel none the less. And now I have two bruised knees (one is a fucking beauty) and a bruised hip and all are also skinned. Left elbow has a few scratches but my right one looks like it's ripped to bits. Doesn't hurt too bad though.

If I hear "Any dream will do" every again, I will either be screaming the only parts we sung about 60 times on the bus or kill someone. Honestly

I'm playing in a badminton tournament tomorrow. I just got a call today saying that only 2 people were playing the singles. I thought that was a shame so I am now playing singles. I am a crazy person. (actually the real reason I'm doing it is I think I stand a chance of winning the singles now!)